No Police Militarization Base in South River Forest

A 381-acre police militarization facility funded by corporations does not serve the people of Atlanta. #StopCopCity


What is Cop City?

Atlanta Police Foundation is trying to build the largest police training facility in the US in South River Forest, a forest surrounded by neighborhoods with primarily Black and low-income residents.

The plans include military-grade training facilities, a mock city to practice urban warfare, dozens of shooting ranges, and a Black Hawk helicopter landing pad.

APF’s lease is 381-acres, and would bulldoze the largest metropolitan forest in the US, South River Forest. South River is an essential waterway in Georgia, and APF’s munition testing has already caused dangerous levels of toxins in South River.

We must organize to #StopCopCity

Organize with us! Join one of our working groups here.

  • Student Coalition to Stop Cop City
  • Corporate Divestment
  • Organizing with Muscogee Communities
  • Public Outreach/Education
  • Reparations
  • Direct Action