Who does Cop City serve?

The Atlanta Police Foundation is accountable to Atlanta’s wealthy elite, not the citizens of Atlanta. APF funds police militarization, funneling money into the military-industrial complex.

“Behind closed doors, police foundations and their corporate sponsors privately fund the ongoing militarization and expansion of policing — targeting Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities” — Color of Change report, Police Foundations: A Corporate-Sponsored Threat to Democracy and Black Lives.

APF is unaccountable to the people of Atlanta

APF has lied and avoided transparency throughout the entire process of the proposal. The APF has:

  1. Refused to make corporate sponsors of the facility public, despite requests from organizers and city council members
  2. Refused to offer opportunities for public engagement
  3. Lied that the project site is “marked by little tree cover, largely invasive species of plants and trees which have sprouted over a 20-year period,” when there are native trees up to 300+ years old, and many native species flourishing. (The Atlanta Public Safety Training Center Report 6/22/21)
  4. Refused to make public environmental assessment reports and lied about their existence